Do you love to travel ?

Do you love to travel as much as I do?

I was never one who would wait for an opportunity to knock. I have always been a seeker to a fault. 100+ countries of travel, seeking, experience and adventure.

The travel and adventure were the sole reason I began my jewelry business as it made perfect sense. Small compact easy to carry I could sell anywhere in the world. Wanting to leave travel by sea on merchant ships, I had done for so many years, as an engineering officer, I asked a question; how could I make money and continue to travel the world?

The answer simply appeared in my hands when I was asking the question.

Jewelry – small, valuable, compact, and worn by people around the world was the answer.

I flew to Thailand and begin the work knowing nothing of this business at all. I knew absolutely nothing about jewelry except the few pieces I bought throughout my life at that time. Then I started the journey of my Passions. I loved to design and create. I didn’t know where to start and jewelry seemed like a great opportunity in all areas.

Join me on the journey of creativity and living life with a focus on travel, freedom, the dangers, the struggle, the adventure, meeting so many fascinating people in over 100 countries around the world. When I started it was very social as well but my social circles where all face-to-face as I started before the Internet was even available.

What a great way to meet people and experience cultures all over the World. A rich, priceless journey for sure.

Adventure I got, travel I did, and money I made. All because I followed my passion, I made a choice and did what I wanted to do.

So what is your dream? What will you do to live into your dream? Your passions? Success in life is the Journey. Make it special.

Peter :-)

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