A Message from the CEO
Peter Stone, G.G., A.G., F.G.A. President & CEO

Peter Stone


The Peter Stone group of Companies is Multi-national with offices for sales and distribution in the USA, UK, Australia, and around the globe. We produce all of our jewelry at our facilities in the amazing country of Thailand.

Having our own production facilities assures the finest quality control supported by excellent teamwork and prompt production time. I live in Thailand to oversee the balance, design, quality and productivity of our manufacturing operations.

We have assembled an enthusiastic, focused and loyal workforce with over 160 of Thailand’s finest jewellery crafts people and administration staff to produce jewellery of the highest standards coupled with unique design lines. Peter Stone operates with a consistent growing commitment to the World community consciousness in all areas of human needs as well as a healthy respect for the environment. Peter Stone’s policy focuses on our peoples’ health and well being, clean comfortable & safe working conditions with a strong focus on minimally impacting the environment as we move forward.

As the Director of Peter Stone I continually look for ways to improve working standards and benefits for our team in Thailand while promoting a balanced viable business model.

To obtain the great beauty & detail of Peter Stone Jewelry, extensive effort & orchestration goes into creating every single piece. It is crucial that the World buyers and consumers of our fine creations know who is behind the scenes and deserves great credit. A standing ovation indeed is called for these wonderful people who are dedicated and loyal team players. This is the Team that creates the beauty in all of our jewelry… from start to finish.

In today’s super fast-paced world so many seem to forget what “Real Value” means and how true balanced energy in life operates. Price is indeed important, however real value is transferring Total Value and Benefit to All Involved in that Valued Creation, from start to finish i.e. raw materials to a finished jewelry piece, throughout the entire production process up to the final sale. It is the true “Yin & Yang” of life at its finest.

The benefits of the sale of our jewelry touch ALL who touch our Jewelry.

When only one or two people profit greatly from the hard work of many, much is out of balance. None can ever be truly be satisfied or rewarded in Life… for there is no Life-force in the total energy expense.

The Energy of Rewards must flow equally in a Balanced Fashion… Then and only then can life be in True Balance and the Laws of Universal Abundance manifest for all.

Top to bottom, as the saying goes, should properly be restated: from left to right, as our horizontal business model includes each and every individual whose efforts are vitally important. This “Truth” is reflected in the interlaced knotwork of Peter Stone’s vast and world-renowned Celtic Jewelry collection. I often wonder why this line has excelled so well. The answer is clear: it is the Fabric of Life… the interlacing of all to give Life its Power and Energy. All Energies combined to achieve Balance & Synchronicity. The Energy of rewards must flow proportionally in a balanced fashion for and to ALL who contribute.

It is sad indeed when we lower our standards to a “price only” Consciousness that does not support a Positive Energy Force for all involved in the creation of a product, be it Jewelry or any other goods or works of Art.

 It is my single message here that through simple and smart business practices, we support each and every person who touches that product. Postitively and respectfully, we all succeed…in our “Knowing” The Universe WILL Manifest True Abundance for all without concern. I know first-hand only through my own commitment to this life model: Peter Stone Jewelry has been a successful company for more than 25 years...through many ups and downs.

The people of the world are wonderful. We can all support one another in a balanced way.

Go Forth and Prosper…According to the True Laws of Abundance.

I just love this story: If one throws of a handful grains into an open field and leaves it alone for a year or two one will have more grain than he could possibly consume in a year, maybe a lifetime!!! And…the kicker is this ABUNDANCE multiplies faster than one can consume it all. What a GIFT! There is more than enough for all the people you could share it with. That is a true gift and The Law of Abundance in Nature to which we are all entitled. Open YOUR Energy pathway to the gifts of Abundance and it will be yours… when you listen to your heart. Act & Prosper fearlessly. Flow freely with Life’s truths and gifts…


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