A Life… your life and mine

A Life… your life and mine, designed with intention is very powerful. Very rewarding, exciting and inspiring. A masterpiece.

So many of us have been getting up from our night's rest in an automated fashion for years never really considering what our day brings. In all too many cases, when consideration for the day is given, it is often one of dread or that of a weighted life, a life of burden. 

It does not need to be this way. Our lives, yours and mine, absolutely can be different than this.

Taught, as we are to be more and more careful in all that we do and as time moves forward when told by the many around us, including family and friends, that we cannot do this or that. We fall short in our developing a life that fits our truth, our core values and intentions. 

So often we must spend time very challenging for us, to find out who in fact we really are. A walk backward it seems, to best understand who we are.  Our true selves, not the conditions, ideas, or thoughts the many others around us have reminded us we should be. This is way to often the case and we then are very guarded and fenced by the messages of others. We have become them not us. 

The Great Escape from this confinement is created by design and intention.

Work comes into the picture. Self-work. Introspection. Silent listening on our own to find the edges of our truth, then we slowly enter back into our core being. This new pathway, one unknown to us, becomes the way to step back and realize fully or even in part, just who we are, what we really want. Why we do or want what we do. So often our wants are not our true possessions but those bestowed upon us by those around us. What a surprise this is. 

We step back: look, listen, feel, and decide to understand our true selves. We wonder ~ so different, so unsafe, so raw are these new ideas and feelings. 

Many times one of the most difficult tasks and challenges we face is the silence of being with ourselves. Living with who we really are. We are suddenly at odds with ourselves. Doubt occupies a large place in our mind at this point. This point is, in reality, a large pain point, but one of real pivot in direction.  

The Pivot of Change becomes clear. Clarity is Power. 

A direction we will go into our new future. It is a time to celebrate our discovery by energizing it with full Intention through the power of passion and willpower.

Our future of intentionally living into a life we consciously desire by design is what appears. We become, then, the Sculptor of our Lives. The beauty of designing this masterful artwork becomes our life, designed through intention from our core, our truth. 

We have arrived in our safe harbor, the one that resides within us, our true self fully intended for us, by us, and in us. We emerge with a new vibrant energy. 

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