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Triskele Sterling Silver Bead Bracelet TBL355

Embrace the Three Realms of Life Bracelet TBL355


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Embrace the Three Realms of Life Bracelet TBL355

The road through life is not a straight line; it is a spiral. It is progressive and repetitious where we can all rise to one or fall to another just like a triskele. A triskele, also called the spiral of life, is an ancient Celtic symbol composed of three interlocked spirals which represent the triplicities of the mind, body, and soul; the three domains of earth; earth, sea, and sky; and the three phases of the Goddess; maiden, mother, and crone. The three spirals in the triskelion are interconnected with no open ends which could only mean progression and moving forward just like how people lead their lives. Those who move forward and succeed with a positive mind and soul will find that everything in life is possible. There is nothing like positive thinking to manifest your desired outcome, and this precious bracelet will remind you to always focus on the positive.

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