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Silver Raven Earrings TE1176

Drawn by the Raven mystery ~ Sterling Silver Earrings TE1176


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Drawn by the Raven mystery ~ Sterling Silver Earrings TE1176

The Raven has always made us wonder. It has been a timeless mystery to us. The language it speaks, then by the silence of the brilliant, even cunning raven,  it's in silence further deepens our curiosity. Ravens capture our imagination. Every culture has encountered this magical bird. They either revered or reviled them. Old World Pagans believed that a raven symbolizes healing and protection. Its black plumage, shaggy throat feathers, croaking call and striking features has long been considered a bird of mystery. It brings in deep healing and signifies the death of one thing to bring in the birth of another. A source of power, more often depicted as a messenger between the living and the dead.  Watching a raven is comparable to watching people from a distance. You barely know what will happen.

Ravens think. Ravens are very smart. They figure the most complex things out. Far more fascinating than almost any other species. It is this similarity to humans that makes them so mysterious to us. They also, like humans, can be extremely relentless.

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