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Moon Sun and Star Steampunk MPD3904

Moon Sun and Star Steampunk Sterling Silver Pendant MPD3904


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Moon Sun and Star Steampunk Sterling Silver Pendant MPD3904

Steampunk, before it became the full-blown sub-culture it is today, started out as a science-fiction sub-genre in the 1970s. The term is coined to describe a genre of speculative fiction in which steam, not electricity, drove technological advancements. It is all about mixing old and new: fusing the usability of modern technology with the design aesthetic and philosophy of the Victorian age. This makes Wicca particularly well suited for use as a system of magick in steampunk fiction. Itโ€™s not the only historical system to be sure and systems like ceremonial magick and Freemasonry practice make for useful study for specific applications, but Wicca works very well as a general understanding of the ways and means of real world magical practice.

Meticulously crafted, Magick Symbols is the worldโ€™s leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver and gold Pagan and Ancient Symbolic jewelry.

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