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LOVE Sterling Silver Ring TRI1175 peterstone.

LOVE Sterling Silver Ring TRI1175

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Love Sterling Silver Ring TRI1175

We often ask ourselves if we have ever really known love. Some says we will never know what love is until we find the right person at the right moment. After all, we deserve a love without terms and conditions. A love that envisions beautiful life – all worth the pain and sacrifice. No matter what the definition is, love is not something one can buy nor beg. It is real and existing. One cannot touch it but can feel it in the heart. One cannot find it but will knock before someone least expect it to come. It can make anybody the happiest soul in heaven, it can also make one the most miserable person in the world. Now, how do you say and spell the word LOVE?

Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver, the Love Sterling Silver Ring features a detailed inscription and hand-crafted quality from the world class artisans at Peter Stone. Peter Stone – the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry – has created the Power Word Collection with inspiring mantras to help you find your inner peace or make an affirming statement.

Measure: Ring size 0.11" (0.3 cm) H
Material: .925 Sterling Silver
Finished: Hand Polished for Finest Quality.

Measurements are approximate.

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