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Lighthouse Silver Ring TR3741

Lighthouse Silver Ring TR3741


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Lighthouse Silver Ring TR3741

The lighthouse was a castle. It was a scrap of impossibility balanced on the edge of reality. It was a fortress, and a safe house, and an island. Most importantly, it was her home. Lighthouses are rich with symbolism and conceptual meanings. It depicts concepts such as danger, risk, adversity, challenge, vigilance, but it also offers guidance, salvation and safety. The structure itself, rising tall in the sky, represents the best of man, his resiliency of ideals, a proximity ever closer to the heavens and God, and a towering signpost to guide the way and warn the danger. The beacon, shining out over the roughest and stormiest of seas, symbols of salvation and direction, leading those in danger to safety and security whether it be a danger of physical manifestations or of spiritual and moral trials and pain.

Diligently crafted from fine sterling silver, the Lighthouse Silver Ring features a detailed inscription and hand-crafted quality from the world class artisans at Peter Stone. Peter Stone – the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry – has created the Power Word Collection with inspiring mantras to help you find your inner peace or make an affirming statement.

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