Irish Claddagh Silver Earrings with Gem TE853

In the mid-16th century, an Irish man was fishing off the shoreline of Galway a week before his marriage when his boat flipped upside down.

The man was captured and brought into slavery by the pirates of the sea.

After years had passed, he luckily sought freedom and returned home in the village of Claddagh where he searched for his eternal love.

They finally got married and gifted his lover with a unique ring fashioned by three symbols; the hands signifying Friendship, holding a heart signifying Love, topped with a crown for Loyalty.

The Irishman promised his wife,

“With these hands I give you my heart and crown it with my love."

In today's acquisitive world where love, friendship and loyalty are winding up progressively, Peter Stone has created an inspiration in the Irish Claddagh Silver Earrings with Gem which makes it a perfect gift to believe in love, to hope for friendship, and to establish a loyalty of a lifetime.

Love indeed makes the world go round.

It’s a heart-thobbing, roller coaster ride that just has to take its course.

As fascinating as it is, love finds its way to where it is meant to be.

The longer the search, an inspiring love journey awaits reminisced on the Irish Claddagh’s story.


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Irish Claddagh Silver Earrings with Gem

Irish Claddagh Silver Earrings with Gem

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