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Coiled Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring TR1439
Coiled Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring TR1439

Coiled Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring TR1439


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Coiled Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring TR1439

“Dragons stalk the streets, puffing out smoke, and clattering their mechanical wings.” The many meanings of the dragon archetype in fantasy stories. In fact, the earth is a tangle of dragons. The dragon has been a creature of myth and legend for centuries throughout the world. Amongst all animals, the dragon is arguably the most ancient and awe-inspiring. Its symbolism in the legends of the Celts is associated with all four elements; earth, fire, water, and air and cardinal directions; north, south, east and west. Dragons, though deadly, and frightening, represented the continuation of life and health as believed in Celtic tradition. They were omens of a good harvest, of a year of plenty.

Intricately crafted from fine sterling silver, the Coiled Fantasy Dragon Silver Ring features a detailed inscription and hand-crafted quality from the world class artisans at Peter Stone. Peter Stone – the world's leading manufacturer of fine sterling silver jewelry – has created the Power Word Collection with inspiring mantras to help you find your inner peace or make an affirming statement.

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