Ajna Brow Silver and Gold Chakra Pendant MPD1509

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Ajna Brow Silver and Gold Chakra Pendant MPD1509 On the day you were born, the passion...

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Ajna Brow Silver and Gold Chakra Pendant MPD1509

On the day you were born, the passion and zest were brought into you. You sparked, sizzled and sprung into the world, leaving a trail of fireworks. Your smile left hope for new beginnings. You were a chance, a glimmer of light. You welcomed the celestial journey of life. Splendid ignite and the brilliant lights, the ecliptic universe is fondly gleaming with every single evident body of the sun, moon, stars and the most recognizable planets best called as celestial. Being celestial is connected with heavenly concepts. It refers to all things ethereal and immortal. The Sun warms, enlightens, and vivifies the natural world. The moon as a symbol corresponds to manโ€™s faith or belief, as the sun does his charity or love. The Stars symbolize the spirit. They are often depicted in considerable number in battling against darkness. They represent cosmical order and destiny. The planets, and everything in-between, depict our human drive, our needs, and the different forms in which we express ourselves. After all, we live in search of spiritual and sacred. We work in the service of a divine love whose one wish is the same as our own: that we realize and fulfill our celestial possibilities.

Living our lives by the clock takes its toll on the mind and body. We search for meaning and seek for our encouragement every time we experience the inevitable ups and downs. We welcome balanced energy and allow it to flow through us tapping one of our inner chakras.

โ€œChakraโ€ is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel" or โ€œrotating ring.โ€ The individual chakras are positioned where energy channels join in the body, and work as transformers that control the energies of the body. Used as part of holistic healing rituals in Hindu, Buddhist, and even Western cultures, Chakras are widely respected vortices of energy believed to hold the power of healing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit. In a fast paced environment where we all experience high level of pressure, we need to focus our attention towards physical balance and mental health.

Red (Genuine Garnet) is the color of the root chakra which symbolizes safety, survival, and nourishment from the Earth energy.

Orange (Orange Cubic zirconia) is the color of the sacral chakra associated with emotions and creativity.

Yellow (Genuine Citrine) chakra is the color of the solar plexus chakra symbolizing mental activities and personal will.

Green chakra (Emerald Glass) symbolizes the color of the heart chakra connected with love, integration and compassion.

Blue chakra (Genuine Blue Topaz) is the throat chakra associated with self-expression and communication.

Indigo chakra (Synthetic Sapphire) is the color of the third eye chakra which evokes intuition and inner wisdom.

Violet chakra (Genuine Amethyst) is the color of the crown chakra symbolizing spirituality and consciousness to live our lives with intention and grace.

Your point of intention is your point of attraction. Notice the energy you are bringing into this space and moment. The present moment is where we experience our deepest joy. Immersing ourselves in nature is essential for our healing because it influences the subconscious to create peaceful thoughts and healthy being.

Ajna Brow Chakra Meticulously crafted from fine sterling silver with 14k gold accents (14k 2 micron gold plated).

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Ajna Brow Silver and Gold Chakra Pendant MPD1509

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925 Sterling Silver and Gold

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