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Window to Universe Shark Silver Pendant TPD5045

Window to Universe Shark Silver Pendant TPD5045


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Window to Universe Shark Silver Pendant TPD5045

โ€œWindow to Universeโ€œ stands for the endless possibilities how we humans can perceive water. One window might just show you another window, and what's behind it is just a question of personal perception. Windows only show possible realities.

This fine jewelry series is based on the image "window to universe" of Rico Besserdich's book "Song of Silence - A Book about Water", a book dedicated to the beauty of importance of the element that unites all living beings on this planet, water. A book that received positive recognition by the NOBEL Organisation, the Swedish Parliament, Prince Albert of Monaco, among others. 97 people from 47 different countries ( various Nobel laureates among them, such as the Dalai Lama, Jose Ramos-Horta and others ) shared their personal thoughts about water in this book. Their thoughts were visualized by Rico Besserdich's photographic artwork. Rico's book is now considered to be the legacy of water itself.

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