Brigid Ashwood Celtic Magdalene Heart Necklace TNC062


Lovingly designed as a tribute to her sister this sterling silver necklace was cocreated by celebrated Celtic Steampunk artist Brigid Ashwood and Peter Stone the number one name in Celtic jewelry.

Embellished upon to be a Magdalene version of the Sacred Heart iconography, this incredibly detailed necklace incorporates many Celtic symbols for strength.

A crowned heart is a symbol of sovereignty.

A double five petal rose with a five point star at its center is a symbol of the sacred feminine.

A Vesica Piscis modified into the design of an M (for Magdalene) which merges into a Ichthys (Greek word for fish) in the center historically a symbol of the goddess energy.

An addition of wings reminds us of our own, inherent, divinity and provides the incentive to become one with our "higher" self.

Whoever wears this sterling silver necklace carries with them the powerful energy of multiple Celtic symbols for strength!

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Manufacturer Peter Stone
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