This Season’s Jewelry Trends- What’s Hot - What’s Not … You heard it Here First!

Celestial Bliss

Celestial jewelry is a trend that has risen and set like the Moon in the night sky, like astrological clockwork.

However, it seems the stars have aligned themselves perfectly for the upcoming 2019 Spring/Summer Season and are about to make all our starry-eyed dreams come true. Our vast and brilliant Universe has inspired every fashion runway around the world to ensure that the Celestial Jewelry trends are back and this larger then life trend is here to stay!

Peter Stone has spent over thirty years dedicating himself to recreating the bounty of stars and their celestial home, the Universe,  into a bounty of fine sterling silver and gold jewelry. Sensational designs infused with the energy of the sky and all that reside upon the heavens.n One look at Peter Stone’s “out of this world” Celestial jewelry and you will be ready to take on the Universe. In fact, your ONLY  question will be, Which should I buy first?”

Extreme Silver - Just Add Enamel

Speaking of welcomed comebacks, last fall Sterling Silver and brilliant Enamel started gaining power on the fashion runways, this coming spring/summer season, it’s full steam ahead!

What does this mean for You?

Well, considering Peter Stone is the world-renowned leader in sterling silver jewelry designs, I would say you are in the right place.

The perfect recipe to being a Fashionista Diva this season is “Just Add Color” and LOOK OUT!  Yes not only will the classic and elegance of sterling silver top the trending charts this Season, but silver chocked-full of colorful delights using enamel and gemstones are the newest rave.

Peter Stone invites You to browse our sensational sterling silver and enamel creations, allowing your wardrobe the classic elegance of silver while being chocked-full of colorful stylish choices to complete any trendy outfit.


Rings A-Plenty

No longer can the jewelry industry use the old saying, “Less is More! Now, there is never enough, rings on your fingers that is. Pinky rings, knuckle rings, thumb rings, three to five rings on each finger. Bold statement rings on one hand and precious symbolic self-expression rings or personalized wording rings stacked up high on your other hand. More is Better!

Peter Stone again, is stepping up to the proverbial jewelry plate and offering a stylish home run for our clients ~ the largest variety of quality fine sterling silver and gold rings found worldwide!

Visit our site and choose from pre-selected assortments by category or pick out a variety individually. We are here to help unleash your inner jewelry Diva!


Thou Shalt Not Wither

Adam McKim’s famous poem of a withered flower and dying love gives inspiration to the next WHAT”S HOT Jewelry trend for 2019. Flowers represent our planets divine gift of beauty. Now you can wear this beauty without worry of withering.

In Adams poem, the flowers withering represented his dying love and he begged for his beloved to bring the flower back to life in hopes that their own love would again flourish. Withering flowers and dying love could soon be thought of the past with this newest jewelry trend.

Floral Jewelry was the talk of runways worldwide. Now you can choose your favorite floral designs in an assortment of precious metals and colorful enamel for all to admire without the worry of them losing their beauty.

How? By purchasing a variety of Peter Stone’s Floral Masterpieces. All of the highest quality sterling silver, gold, and colorful enamel and gemstones,  which will leave all who cast their eyes upon you captivated and wearers the admiration of all. And there is, of course, no worry of the withering blue’s.

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