Eye of Horus

 Eye of Horus



                       The Eye of Horus

Horus was the Mighty God conceived by a Golden phallus, made whole in the womb of a divine feminine, and birthed to be the true heir of the throne of All.

Horus, Osiris, and Isis

So, as the story goes, and according to the Egyptians, Isis and Osiris are brother and sister, but they were wedded to each other to rule the throne of their parents. Set is the Brother of Osiris and regularly quarreled with Osiris for the rights to the throne. Set, deciding that he must  put an end to these brotherly battles, created  a plan to get rid of the trouble once and for all. He sneaks in to Osiris’s night chambers 

and retrieved very specific measurements of Osiris’ body while he was fast asleep.



Then he went to the best sarcophagus builder and asked him to make a beautiful and ornate sarcophagus based on these measurements. When he was done,   Set holds a feast in honor of his brother and invites everyone he could think of to the party to also honor Osiris. During the party, Set stands to toast his brother and reveals what he has built. He then proclaims that this is a treasure to whoever can fit in it. Everyone gets up to admire the magnificently sculptured creation, and some even try to get inside. Then Osiris lies down in the box and finds that he is a perfect fit. In his excitement, he exclaims that this is his treasure!

At that exact moment, Set seals the coffin on Osiris and nails it shut. He then pushes it into the Nile River and lets the waters take Osiris to his death. Set wipes his hands of the deeds feeling relieved that he will no longer have to quarrel for the throne.


Isis, Osiris’s wife and sister, is in great mourning and she leaves on a mission to find his body so that she can properly send Osiris into the underworld. After traveling for quite some time she eventually finds his coffin tangled in the roots of a tree on the coast of Byblos. Although it is a struggle she shuttles the sarcophagus home and hides it in a swamp in the middle of the night so that Set won't find it and get mad at her. However, Set was out the next day hunting in the swamps and sees the coffin of Osiris carefully tucked away in the reeds as if intentionally hidden. He knows clearly in that moment what Isis had done, and in his anger he opens the sarcophagus and dismembers Osiris’ body into 14 pieces, which he spreads far and wide.


Isis returned later and to her horror, she finds the box open and her husband’s body dismantled. She hunts down all the pieces one by one, yet still finds that she is missing one piece – the phallus – which seems to have been eaten by the swamp creatures.


Thoth comes to the aid of Isis to help her restore Osiris’ body so that she can send him off to the underworld properly. Thoth fashions a golden phallus to the body, which once again makes Osiris whole. Before she says her final goodbyes, Isis uses this golden phallus to impregnate herself, and 9 months later gives birth to Horus.
  Thoth giving Osiris Life


​During Horus’ youth, Set rules the throne. But with Horus an adult, he begins to battle with Set for the throne, which was taken from him, the rightful heir. In one heated fight Set gouges out the left eye of Horus, and smashes it into 6 pieces. Isis uses her power to restore Horus’ eye and heal his wounds. However, it was Thoth that stumbles upon the broken pieces of Horus’ original eye. He brings the pieces back together and fashions the eye to be almost perfect and whole again. He delivers his eye back to Horus, but Horus does not know what to do with this third eye. He eventually decides to place the eye upon the forehead of his deceased father Osiris in gratitude for his life. In this way he hopes that Osiris might be able to see more clearly in the underworld and help restore Horus’ position as King.

The Eye of Horus, the one that was plucked out, smashed, and reconstructed, later became a symbol of protection, restoration, resurrection, mercy, and was used by many as an amulet to protect against the darkness of unconscious action and to imbue mercy upon those that wished the  wearer harm or i'll will.

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