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The World's largest Creative Collection of Sterling Silver Jewelry from One Designer is available to Wholesale Festival & Fair Vendors Worldwide. Sign up today and start earning HIGH PROFITS (300% to 500% Mark-Up) and Customer Satisfaction at your next event.

Internationally celebrated jewelry designer and manufacturer, Peter Stone produces the finest quality sterling silver and gold jewelry in the world. Offering vast and diverse collections to include breathtaking intricate Celtic, Spiritual and New Age lines, there is always something for everyone. Each piece is carefully hand-finished to ensure years of Beauty, Satisfaction, and Delight. Peter Stone offers Festival and Fair Vendors the highest quality of products, with an unbelivable mark-up! But Peter Stone doesn't just sell Jewelry--we offer a Program of Success for vendors and wholesalers alike.  

Providing a Suite of Services to Vendors that directly assists them with their booth sales, presentation, online sales, and overall success rate, this is what Peter Stone offers to their clients. When you buy Peter Stone Jewelry, you don't simply receive a new supplier, you receive a partner who is invested in your success.  




Order Peter Stone Jewelry to sell at your next Festival or Fair.

Call TODAY and ask how you can earn increase profits and guarantee repeat customers, as early as your next event. For a limited time, Peter Stone is offering NEW Festival and Fair clients FREE ADDITIONAL JEWELRY if you sign up BEFORE September 1, 2017. 

Contact Jennifer Stacey TODAY and ask her how you can join the Peter Stone family--whether you are intersted in:

  • Celtic
  • Spiritual
  • Viking
  • Druid
  • New Age
  • Wicca
  • Pagan
  • Literally anything else you can think of--we make custom jewelry.

Allow Peter Stone to be your ONE-STOP-SHOP for all of your Festival and Fair Needs

Jennifer can be reached at 1-800-397-8787 or email her at jenn@peterstone.com


Peter Stone offers Festival and Fair vendors display cases absolutely free when you purchase enough jewelry to fill the display case. We also offer Pre-Selected BEST SELLER jewelry for each display. Most of Peter Stone’s environmentally-friendly rubber wood displays come with storage space and lock and key. Take advantage NOW and order a Pre-Filled Display case with the jewelry your customers are asking for.

Let Peter Stone guide you to unbelivable success and profits in 2017! 



To receive your TOP TEN TIPS OF SUCCESSFUL FESTIVAL PREPARATION  and to have a Sales Representative from Peter Stone contact You and assist in your Increased Sales and Profits at your next event, SIGN UP BELOW!