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Celtic art and culture date back as far as the 8th century B.C. Until recently, much was not known about this fascinating culture, but thanks to much archaeological excavation and findings, a greater understanding of them has been developed. Since tribes were bound together by speech, customs, and religion, rather than a centralized government, they were a closely-knit people of common tradition and beliefs. Because of this, the art of the culture had specific designs for spiritual meaning.

The Peter Stone Company has extensively researched, and continues to research, in order to properly replicate this Celtic art with the great care and quality that is always synonymous with the Peter Stone name. For your interest, we would like to share with you some of the information we have learned about the jewelry you are purchasing. For the jewelry you see here is not just an attractive work of fine craftsmanship, but a piece of history that is rich in culture, designed centuries ago with special meaning.


For the Celts, life was seen as a riddle, the "eternal journey" so to say. They believed in reincarnation: continuous rebirth until complete spiritual rebirth is achieved. These knots symbolized their maze through eternity, and their understanding of various spiritual levels in the search for purification of the soul.

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The spiral symbolizes the continuity of life and spiritual growth. It is the constant flow of nature's processes going outward then back inward as Heaven and Earth are joined. The tri-sceal (or three stories) represents the nature, human and divine aspects of life. The spiral and knotworks are the two main characteristics of Celtic Art. The concepts carried over into the early Christian manuscripts.(see the Book of Kells)

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Serpent and Dragons.

Coming from inside the Earth, the serpent was believed to be all knowing of the worlds secrets and having divine wisdom. The ram-headed serpent is named Cerrunos, who is lord of the underworld, and king of all animals. Cerrunos is the symbol of strength and virility. Dragons are the combination of the forces of the depths. The serpent, the wings of a bird, and horns, which represent regeneration, wisdom and growth. The dragon is the gatekeeper to other worlds.

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Celtic Cross.

The cross symbolizes the bridge to other worlds and to higher energy and knowledge. This is realized by the vertical axis (celestial world) and horizontal axis (Earthly world). They are also considered solar symbols, sources of light and ultimate energy.

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The design of the heart held between two hands with a crown set on top is known as the Claddagh. Reputed to originate in the Irish village of Claddagh, across from Galway. Traditionally used as a ring, it was a family heirloom handed down as an engagement ring, friendship, or wedding ring. The symbolism is as such, heart as love, hands as friendship, and crown as fidelity.

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