Memorial Day, Veterans Day and The Obnoxious Kid at the Grocery Store

Memorial Day, Veterans Day and The Obnoxious Kid at the Grocery Store

As I was in the grocery store this evening, I overheard a conversation that saddened me.
A very tired looking g mother, probably in the early 40s  was explaining to her teenage so that this weekend was NOT Veterans Day.
“Memorial Day. VETS day, La or Day, what do I care as long as I get a three day weekend, Mom” he said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.
What this young mother said next touched me so much that I literally stepped to her moments after and asked if I could please hug her.
The young woman's eyes flashed with anger first in response to her son's shallow attitude, especially really considering it is Memorial Day Weekend.
But then I saw Singh escape her lips and sadness, I believe, crept in from nowhere.


Mama Sets The Record Straight

“Let me tell you why YOU should very much care son. Labor Day recognizes the hardworking Americans who get up each day and work hard to prove that the American Dream is still alive. VETERANS day recognizes every person who has ever joined and served our military, no matter the time or outcome of their enlistment or the conflict or War.
Any person who leaves their family. Leaves their warm home and a refrigerator full of food. The comforts. Luxuries. And loved ones to go and protect our Country and people in it that they don't even know. Deserves HUGE KUDOS. That sacrifice is serious and we should absolutely show our appreciation.
The young man cocked his head and said “So we celebrate Daddy on Veterans Day.” She closed her eyes a little frustrated I could tell. What do they teach our children in high school these days I wonder.

Kid Still Not Getting It

Then she smiled and continued. “Yes Daddy will be remembered on Vet ew ransom away because he did make that sacrifice but Memorial Day is jot for anyone that ever joined the military. It is just for those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. For those who believed in the American Dream so much, and loved their Country and friends and family so very much to lay down their lives to make sure we kept our freedoms, our rights. And our dreams. On Memorial Day we pay special honor to those who died so we could live freely. So that you can go to school and learn about God knows what, it is obviously not about our Federal Holidays.”I know she was trying to be humorous with that last statement but I still think there is way too much seriousness in that statement.


When your father left you were in my belly still. At this point the tears started falling, I was scared and I didn't want him to know because he was going off to war and I didn't want him to worry about me. There was so much uncertainty overseas.
The night before he left he looked at me as if he knew I was worried, and he said what kind of American, no what kind of man, no baby what kind of father would I be if I turned my back on this enlistment  knowing they need me there and if I don't fight their true could become our trouble and my son may.not live to see adulthood if that happens I'm going because I want my son to grow up in the land of the free and I want him to think of me as one of the brave.
He said I'm sorry mom and scurried off to the restroom probably ly to hide tears.  His mother rearranged groceries in the cart and I said I'm so sorry for overhearing such a personal and intimate discussion but may I please hug you. Sh3 smiled and said I would like that very much.
The TRUE meaning of Memorial Day was reinforced for me in a grocery line through an eavesdropped conversation between a smart alec kid and a brave and beautiful widowed l mother.I left that supermarket wanting to tell the world just how special this Holiday is for us all and of course reinforcing within my own children and grandchildren!

Have a conversation this weekend

When everyone is sitting around the table eating hot dogs and drinking beer, speak up. Ask everyone, do you know why we have this three day weekend? Do you know that the first Memorial Day was called Decoration Day and it was led by a group of freed slaves at a Charleston Race Track that was being used as a  Makeshift Prison? On that day they led a parade around the track and sang a song about a dead man's body. It was after the civil war and country was getting ready to bury almost 800,000 of their own.
Every man that has given his life so another may live, has built pure freedoms and our successes with his blood and this weekend we should Thank them for that by Going to a cemetery and decorating a grave that perhaps we see is in need.