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Peter Stone Jewelry Programs

Total Life Freedom

What if you could get the freedom to enjoy your life while earning a consistent, fulfilling income? Now you can.


We're the best at what we do, and that means having programs to suit every need. You'll be able to take advantage of the most generous Wholesale Jewelry program in our industry. We have been providing customers with beauty and craftsmanship for over 30 years!

Custom Design Jewelry

Our customized jewelry is made by hand and designed to reflect your personality. We know how special each piece of our custom-designed gold or silver craftsmanship becomes when you wear it because we take the time to really get acquainted with what makes up who YOU are!

Fairs, Festivals, & Events

Why not live your passion with this one-of-a kind opportunity? We have more than 43 niches that you can offer in any fairs festival and events.

More Jewelry Programs

We've got a huge list of JEWELRY PROGRAMS that you can start with minimum investment or none at all. Join us and take advantage today!

Live Webinar Free

Peter Stone is a respected business coach and consultant, who has been teaching people how to start their own jewelry businesses for over 30 years. His focus on the "don'ts" will help you avoid many common pitfalls in starting or managing your own successful company! Learn from his free webinars now- they're sure not going anywhere anytime soon so take advantage while there's still time!

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