What does your ring say about you?

You know why you chose the ringbeauty, meaning, style, symbolism, inspiration… the reasons are endless. But after you bought it, you made an equally important choice—where to wear it. Most of us don’t realize the complexity of the choice, but the truth is, where you wear your ring says as much about you as the ring itself.

In so many cases, we don’t think about that decision—it just happens. It seems right, somehow, to wear this ring on this finger. And though it seems nearly random, our subconscious is working furiously in the background to create just the right energy.

Peter Stone works just as hard to provide a vast array of beautiful, meaningful rings for you to choose from, in a wide variety of styles, designs, and themes. Today, we peek into the magical history of the ring to bring you this enlightening guide to ring placement—so that once you find the perfect Peter Stone ring, you can wear it perfectly, too.

Thumbs Up!

Large rings worn on the thumb symbolize a drive for power. On the dominant hand, a thumb ring indicates a need to change the world, and the power to achieve. On the passive hand, a thumb ring is a plea for energy and self-discipline to help you reach your goals.

Power Up! Whenever you have a specific goal you want to accomplish, wear a thin silver band on the thumb (silver channels higher guidance).

Check the Index

The index finger represents one’s self-reflection and self-esteem. Large rings with gemstones on the index finger show a desire for public recognition. Modest rings on the index finger, however, particularly on the passive hand, will boost your sense of self and reinforce your inner stature.

Show Off! A ring with flat or faceted sides on the index finger will draw recognition.

Moral in the Middle

The Middle finger is a repository for psychological boundaries and systems of morals, values, and lifestyles. A ring on this finger represents an effort to find your place, to define your role. The size of the ring denotes how important this is in your life.

Find Clarity! A clear, square-cut gem on the middle finger will help you achieve clarity and reinforce stability in your life.

Great Name!

The Ring finger is focused on attracting a mate. Wearing a wedding ring on this finger is a self-imposed ban on the need to display and attract the opposite sex. Any other ring on this finger represents a keen interest in public opinion and a need for drama and social kudos.

Marry me! Your wedding ring has a psychological side—wide rings indicate a strong sense of dependence, multiple thin bands represent a marriage that is total, but not limiting, and a spiral ring that doesn’t “close” shows an open philosophy of partnership.

Last but not Least

The little finger is associated with communication and quick wit. A large, broad ring on this finger symbolizes an inner desire to communicate on all levels. Multiple rings on the little finger can indicate an eagerness for new ideas and new perspectives.

Try this! A small, fine ring on the little finger of the passive hand can improve your verbal skills and your ability to express yourself and relate to others.

All or None?

What does it mean when you have rings on every finger? Or no rings at all?

We can answer that with our very  own Peter Stone wisdom:

Wearing many rings on various fingers of both hands indicates a passion for beautiful, meaningful Peter Stone jewelry!

And if you don’t have any rings on any of your fingers, that means you just haven’t found the perfect Peter Stone ring yet!

What are you waiting for? Find your ring today!

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