How will you celebrate Earth Day?

Earth Day is Peter Stone’s FAVORITE holiday! We LOVE  our Earth, and this is a chance for people worldwide to celebrate the amazing planet we live on, and make a commitment to be ecologically responsible—not just on Earth Day, but EVERY DAY!

Peter Stone takes its environmental commitment seriously—not because it’s the politically correct thing to do, but because WE CARE.  Our inspiration and passion comes directly from the wonders of the natural world—how could we hold our heads up if we weren’t conscious of our environmental impact?

In addition to the ecologically sound initiatives that Peter Stone already practices, we also support the Prince’s Rainforest Project with our fantastic and fun Frog Collection.

PLUS—We offer an extensive variety of designs to showcase the importance of nature, earth, and our environment—like the Tree of Life, The Green Man, and Celtic Knotwork, which emphasizes the interconnection of all things.


If you’re looking for an AWESOME way to commemorate this Earth Day, we’ve got some great ideas!

  • Decorate your own fabric shopping bags with Earth-related drawings—and give yourself a reason to SMILE as you bypass the plastic bags at the grocery store!  (And did you know that markers are actually BETTER for the environment than crayons?!?)
  • Discover an organic farm in your area—not only will you be supporting a great ecological option, you’ll also find that fresh, organic food is amazingly tastier than that processed stuff!
  • Rediscover the magic of candlelight—go off the grid for a day—or even just an hour or two! This is something you can do weekly or monthly, and it’s a superfun way to get kids in the energy-saving spirit!
  • Buy a bicycle—cut down on air pollution, save the money you’d spend on gas, enjoy the beautiful seasonal scenery in your area, and end up a little (or a lot!) healthier—it’s WIN-WIN!
  • Create a bird sanctuary in your backyard—a protected area with access to water and feed is all it takes—and you’ll be able to hear the local birds say “Thank You” all year long!

So pick your favorite idea—or five!—and go celebrate Earth Day with Peter Stone!

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